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The 446th flew it’s first mission to Bremen, Germany. Over 1,500 tons of bombs were dropped through heavy clouds by 21 of the 24 planes that took off. Though the crews could not see their target, the bombs fell close to PFF marker trails and dense black smoke was seen rising through the clouds. 3 planes turned back due to malfunctions. Enemy fighter opposition was weak, flak was intense but inaccurate, and all planes returned to base.and all planes returned to base.

Bremen 12.16.1943

The "Merle Lee" after crash landing near Hawkinge, Kent, as a result of being hit by flak over France. There were no casualties.
B-17,42-102964 OF 305TH bg/366th BS above clouds over Frankfurt Germany in October 1994 ( USAF Via NARA)
"Hula Wahine" crash landed at the RAF base in Kentling after being hit by flak and fighting off repeated fighter attacks.